Hirst on Negotiation: winning hearts & minds
Advantage Quest Publishers

Negotiations take place all the time, everyday in fact, and by all types of people. For some the process can be a living nightmare, while others find the practice a little easier, and a few can even find it fun. Nevertheless, it is a talent that requires continual development to get the best possible outcome.

Negotiation need not be about conflict Ė although this sometimes happens Ė it is about understanding: understanding your emotional self so you can avoid Ďputting your foot in ití, and understanding other people to apply the right approach to achieve your intended outcome.

It is said that a few words spoken at the right time at the right place can change a personís life forever. It is also true that a small advance in a personís negotiating skill can reap large rewards. And the fact that negotiations regularly involve time, money and emotions means that any improvement in skill level is likely to generate considerable results at all levels of interaction.

This book is for those who find reading books of a more technical nature boring and a trial to read. It is designed to make self-development more accessible and interesting. Have fun!

Hirst on Business Writing: the evolution of writing with style & impact
Advantage Quest Publishers

The traditional approach to writing business documents has often left the reader feeling confused, inferior, deceived, irritated and angry. However, in recent years there has been a move towards using a simpler form of language for all business documents that customers and colleagues can easily understand. Itís called Plain English.

What is Plain English? It can be defined as something that the intended audience can understand the first time they read it.

In effect, it has divided the corporate world in two: those that are proactive, positive and dynamic; and those who wish to cling stoically to past practices. The former use plain English in their documents to get their meaning across clearly, accurately and briefly. As a result, instead of focussing solely on the message they want to send, they also now consider what the reader expects to understand. So, even when the answer it is not exactly what the reader hopes, or is a refusal to a request, their reaction is professional rather than emotional.

This book is designed to help professionals write clearer, easier-to-understand documents that send the right message to the intended reader. It does this by looking at the ways vocabulary, sentence and paragraph structure, and layout and message management impact on the way the reader perceives the message. And itís written in a Plain English style to help you fully exploit its contents. Enjoy!

Hirst on Presentations: a perfect presentation for the damned, the doomed, and the afflicted
Advantage Quest Publishers

Confident speakers who manage their material well are able to command respect, promote credibility and have a lasting influence on their audience. It still remains one of the most effective ways of broadcasting essential information and motivating large numbers of people.

However, when given this intimidating assignment, many speakers are consumed and paralysed by their own fear of standing in front of others. Even gregarious and outgoing professionals can feel uncomfortable in front of audiences, with hands and feet feeling as though they have grown to enormous proportions. Many others see public speaking and business presentations as a necessary evil they avoid whenever possible. Nevertheless, being a good speaker has become a fundamental characteristic of advancement within corporations and society in general.

This book is designed to take the fear out of giving presentations and public speaking by providing participants with successful techniques to improve their effectiveness and clarity. It does this by engaging the reader in interactive exercises and subsequent reflection. It also aims to help the reader to effectively deliver motivating and memorable speeches and presentations. It is designed to be fun, enjoyable and informative. And itís written in a Plain English style to help you fully exploit its contents. Enjoy!

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