Our approach to training is through 'guided-discovery'. In a nutshell, the participants experience and develop new work-based habits through a series of guided problem solving exercises, discussions and activities. All the programmes, courses and workshops are highly interactive, very practical and task driven in nature to ensure full participation from the trainees. HDTS continually looks into innovative and better ways of information transfer and follows key research to incorporate the latest ideas and thinking into our courses.

We often ask participants to work in pairs, clusters and sometimes part of larger discussion teams. They are also encouraged to take on leadership roles as well as interact within groups; occasionally they are also asked to make presentations and complete written assignments.

We work towards creating a relaxed atmosphere which is more conducive to learning so the participants feel comfortable and at ease in the training room. We also work towards ensuring there is a transferability of skills from the workshop back to the workplace. This helps give the participants practical skills they can realistically use as soon as they return to the office.

Of great importance is the element of enjoyment and how the selected course can fit into the greater scheme of the individuals work life balance. All the courses we offer are fun and enjoyable.

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